We’ve Made it This Far

What can I say about this past semester? As a WordPress user for my personal website, taking the time to learn it all over again was refreshing. There were some things I did not know or understand about WordPress and with this class, I am able to take my personal website or a client’s website to the next level. Moreover, I received the chance to work and gain some knowledge in Joomla and Drupal.

Starting with Drupal, I cannot fathom finding any pros for this platform. However there is many cons. The main con of Drupal is the user interface. The interface is not user friendly, nor is it development friendly. Trying to achieve the basic task of customizing the webpage left me with a dreadful feeling and never wanting to touch Drupal again. However, Joomla worked similar to WordPress. Joomla offered easy fixes for customization such as adding a template. A pro to Joomla is that you can customize you page and place different items where you want them to go. You could even put multiple items in the same position. A con of Joomla though is there is no Automatic integration of comments. A plugin must be added to enable comments, compared to WordPress in which comments are enable automatically.

From my writings above, I think it is clear what my favorite system I enjoyed working on. I felt WordPress had everything I need to create a custom website without the use of HTML and CSS. Its also easy to integrate your domain name into WordPress plus the hundreds of paid and free themes that is offered. The pros and offerings of WordPress makes it easier to work with and use. To me, everything is right there and there is no need to fumble around to find your way to create a beautiful website. I would definitely offer WordPress to a client who needs an economic sound website that can withstand the change of time and technology, as I’ve built three website using WordPress so far.

With WordPress, I couldn’t ask for a better system to help save time in the development of a website. There are many options around that you may consider, but as for me, WordPress does the job and keeps me satisfied with the levels of development that can be achieved through a WordPress website or store.

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