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So, you built a website through WordPress. What do you do know? How about customization without the need to learn HTML or CSS. An exceptional thing about WordPress websites is the ability to customize a theme with the option given. For my website, I choose the Gist theme by Candid Themes. Its responsive and simple, two things I look for when designing a website.

Now let’s get into my customizations for my WordPress theme. The first thing I did was instead of typing the blog name in the title, I added a logo image with the typed in tagline as well as changing the font color from black to a tan for the tagline font color. I kept the other colors the same and matched my logo image color to the green font color used in the headings.


Let’s talk about widgets. Widgets are options for items such as RSS feed, Social Media Accounts, and links to other pages. The widgets can be placed on the top, bottom, or sidebar based on the design of the theme you are using. For example, the sidebar widget I used is called the Gist Author, this is where you can put an about me section for readers to be able to get a quick look at the author. For my other widgets, I kept it simple by keeping the default widgets Recent Post, Recent Comments, and Archives. I kept the other widgets simple because when visitors come to my home page, I want them to be able to see recent comments and post. Moreover, I want visitors to see archives of past post and to be able to search for a specific post.


In my primary menu, I chose to add to pages; About and Contact. For my About page, I went simple and added more info about myself plus the small paragraph from the sidebar to keep things uniformed. For my Contact page, I linked my other personal blog for more information about me, what I do, and images of my work that I have done.


3 thoughts on “Customizing Your WordPress Theme

  1. I find it interesting that you mentioned the word “responsive”, but you didn’t delve any deeper as to why it was so important to your site – I would like to understand why you believe responsive design would be an important choice for this blog, personally speaking.

    1. For me, responsive designs open doors for readers, followers, and others who are simply scheming the internet to be able to have access to your website from all web browsers, whether it be smartphone, tablet, or computer. Responsive designs also determines how often people will view your site. If they cannot access the website for example to show a friend from their smartphone, then you’ve failed as a blogger to entice your readers to keep coming back. Also, I personally know many people who do not own a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Their smartphone is the only computer they use, so having a responsive web design can help those who do not have access to computers or tablets to still be able to reader and follow your website.

      1. AH! That second piece – the people you know personally – that’s definitely the best reason to have a responsive design. Because ultimately, every blog starts out in popularity based on the people you do know, and may or may not go viral depending on what they share with their friends, and so on and so forth.

        Knowing your audience and designing for their style of reading is hands down one of the best things a blogger (or really, anyone looking to gain and retain a following on social media) can do.

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