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Blogs can be a great way to find others that have the same thoughts, beliefs, or opinions as the readers that attracted to the blog. As a reader of many different types of blogs and as a blogger myself, I have but one favorite that comes to mind, A traditional blog published by Chicago based blogger, Emma, it’s an astonishing blog for women to get inspired and find the potential in their lives. A single author blog, Emma post about life in Chicago, college life, and finally career and beauty tips. Emma generates blogs about each topic mentioned around the 15th and 30th of each month, with the most recent post, published on February 20th.

Other bloggers that I read, seem to generate comments from readers in the hundreds, however Emma’s comment sections are scarce. Some post has an average of ten comments while other post has no comments, but other comments are shown underneath from other post. I do not know the cause for such a low count for comments because Emma has a large reader base which comes from the fact that she has many sponsorship deals with Dunkin Donuts, Google, and College Fashion Week. The comments, moreover, do not spark conversation amongst the readers. Mainly positive, the comments give feedback and comments on the related published post. The comments also just that, a comment. The comment can be about the product featured in the blog post or a suggestion.

Emma, herself promotes products. She is a brand collaborator and collaborates with beauty brands Sephora and Neutrogena, College Fashion Week, Spotify, Google, etc. Products that she loves or uses are featured on the website page, Shop. At first I thought she operated an online store, however, cleverly Emma uses this page to promote the products she loves and uses. Clicking on the image on the page, the link takes you to another website where you can get more information on the products and where to buy them. is a blog under the WordPress blogging platform, in which she uses an outside source for the theme, from Pipdig. What drew me as a reader to Emmalenhart, was the simplicity of the design. From a design point-of-view, I love a clean, uncluttered design with specks of color. A stand-alone blog, has much to offer in the way of lifestyle, beauty and fashion, college and career tips.


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